Watercolor Birds Painting Class

How to Paint a Bird

Kids watercolor art lessons are available on a regular bases every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm – 6 pm. In advance registration is required upon student arrival to the studio. Art lessons are hold at Vivo Art Studio located at Aqua Complex (29 Old Kings Road N., Palm Coast)

Let’s Create!

Watercolor Course

Kids & Adults Course: The Watercolor course is designed for beginner and intermediate artists with a desire to explore, learn and improve watercolor media techniques. The course starts with an  introduction to the basics, and gradually progresses to more complex and varied topics. Students are exposed to materials and tools that are used for painting with watercolor, including brushes, multiple surfaces, and various forms of paint. You will learn about a variety of concepts, subjects, application techniques, and types of watercolor paper. Students will practice different pencil application, watercolor mixture techniques (including wet on dry, wet on wet, dry on wet), painting with a sponge and more. The course duration is 5 weeks (5 x 1 hour sessions) and the cost is $400 for adults and $350 for children. We also offer a group watercolor lessons and an individual / one-to-one watercolor art course upon request, and the cost is $550 for adults and $450 for children.

Please visit Vivo Art Studio to sign up

Learn Watercolor Media

Learn Watercolor Techniques

Adult watercolor art lessons available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and cost $50 per hour including all art supplies and art materials. You learn watercolor techniques, color theory and composition, the difference between several types of watercolor paper and watercolor brushes and much more! We offer morning, afternoon and evening times.

Watercolor Art Therapy

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Please note that payment is collected upon the student’s arrival at the studio. Initial sign up requires advance payment covering four (4) x 1 hour art lessons. Although payments are non refundable, you can reschedule a missed class provided that you call, text or e-mail us at least 24 hours before your art lesson.

Please call / text at (386)338-1408 or email at info@JekaterinaArt.com