Kate Krjanin Jewelry Collection

Colors & Details

Kate’s jewelry style and color combination make each art work a lovely addition to your jewelry collection…

We’re inviting you to explore the magical world of art by Kate Krjanin. All of Kate’s polymer clay jewelry is created by hand using different sized needles and special clay tools. Unique jewelry (earrings, pendants, brooches) is made in a single copy and it’s original in style and design. All jewelry created by Kate Krjanin is handmade and considered an original work of art. Each product is made in a single copy. Many of the polymer clay jewelry items are MTO (Made To Order).

Everyday Elegance


These polymer clay earrings are simply beautiful! As an artist, I envision these earrings as an elegant detail for everyday use. Before creating a piece of jewelry, I carefully select and combine the color palette for each of my creations. Earrings made from polymer clay can be matched with a pendant or brooch.

Great Style Addition 

Necklaces & Pendants

Pendants are chic as well as a beautiful classic addition for everyday style. My polymer clay pendants and necklaces can be purchased as a set with earrings or even a brooch combination. Exclusive pendants of various shapes are all handmade with an original style and beautiful color combination.

Century Classics


An elegant accessory for any wardrobe is a unique brooch. All of my brooches are handmade using the finest needles and carefully selected tones for the perfect color composition. Per client’s request I offer MTO designs for all my polymer clay Jewelry including brooches. Matching sets for earrings, pendants and brooches are available upon request.



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Handmade polymer clay earrings by artist Kate Krjanin


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Stunning Details

Jewelry Sets

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