Art Courses for Kids & Adults

Art Courses are available for kids and adults. We offer several painting and drawing courses, with a duration of 4 weeks. Art course pricing varies between $250 – $350 per 4 week session. Students will experience and learn about the specific art theme of their choosing (please see options below). Art courses on an individual basis are also available upon request with pricing at $350 – $550 per 4 week course.

Payment & Attendance

Please note that payment is collected upon the student’s arrival at the studio. The initial sign up requires full payment for the art course, and the student is committed to attend each class as scheduled during the course. Art courses cannot be rescheduled in case of an absence. (Students who are taking art courses on an individual basis are exempt from this policy.)

Sketching Study & Practice I

Sketching Study & Practice II

Oil Painting Study

Abstract Art Study

Perspective Study & Introduction to Composition