Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Art by Krjanina

About my Polymer Clay Art

Elegant and one of a kind polymer clay art works by Kate Krjanin are all made by hand. Each jewelry item is a unique piece of art. During the process of creating clay jewelry Kate uses several wooden tools and different sized needles to create each work into a perfect piece of art.

Polymer Clay by Katerina Krjanina

We’re inviting you to explore the magical world of art by Kate Krjanin. All of Kate’s polymer clay jewelry is created by hand using different sized needles and special clay tools. Unique jewelry (earrings, pendants, brooches) is made in a single copy and it’s original in style and design. All jewelry created by Kate Krjanin is handmade and considered an original work of art. Each product is made in a single copy. Many of the polymer clay jewelry items are MTO (Made To Order).