Painting Classes

We offer painting art lessons for kids and adults. We teach acrylic, oil and composition. All art supplies are included.

Painting Art Lessons for Adults

Group art lessons are available for all ages and cost $30 per hour (individual art lesson cost $40 per hour). We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced painting art lessons. Students explore different media techniques, color techniques and much more. Our painting art classes are a great way to relax and have a wonderful time exploring art. Join Us!

Painting Art Lessons for Kids

Painting art lessons in a group are available for kids 8+ years old and cost $25 per hour (individual art lesson cost $30 per hour). Your little artist must be at intermediate or advance level. Kids learn watercolor, acrylic, oil media. During a class we teach the principals of composition and European, American art history. Join Us!

Availability & Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 am – 12 pm & 5 pm – 7 pm

Request to Join Us


Please note that payment is collected upon the student’s arrival at the studio. Initial sign up requires advance payment covering four (4) x 1 hour art lessons. Although payments are non refundable, you can reschedule a missed class provided that you call, text or e-mail us at least 24 hours before your art lesson.

Please call / text at (386)338-1408 or email at