About Katerina Krjanina

Katerina Krjanina’s art career began over thirty years ago when Katerina’s parents sign little Katerina for an art lessons in local Art School in Riga, Latvia. As a graduate student in 1992 at the ZRMAS Art School Katerina Krjanina became a student at Rozentala Art College in Latvia. In 2008 Katerina Krjanina graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UCC Art University in Costa Rica. She consider herself as an internationally exhibiting artist with a BFA and specialize in painting, drawing and sculpture.


Katerina Krjanina holds a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from UCC Art University and Master Degree classes from Florida International University in Figure Drawing,  ZRMAS Art School Degree in Sculpture and Ceramic and Certificates from UCR University of Costa Rica in Drawing and Digital Imaging.